LUMOBid Creates a Competitive Advantage

LUMOBid users have price transparency, supplier diversification, vendor management, all from their phone.  No more waiting for emails with quotations.

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Buyers save time, increase supplier diversity and overall product quality

Buyers spend fewer resources to find manufacturers of the chemicals they need for research and production. Reviews left by previous customers help companies decide which manufacturers to trust with their orders. In addition, because of the number of competitors on the site, buyers have access to competitive pricing they won’t find anywhere else.

Manufacturers get access to more potential customers

Manufacturers get their chemicals in front of a vast network of potential clients. Instead of spending months cultivating rich relationships with prospective buyers, manufacturers spend their time bidding on requests and waiting only a few days on decisions. The ease of obtaining sales and the promise of a significantly expanded customer base more than compensate for charging lower rates over the platform.

Whichever side of the transaction you’re on at LUMOBid, you have access to cost-effect, time-saving tools. 

Register as a supplier or buyer on the LUMOBid app to experience how your business

can benefit from a high-powered digital solution.